3 hour work day

Today, I got a butt-load of work done. In just 3 hours (including having lunch at my desk). Both my emails accounts have reached Inbox Zero, work has been delegated, participated in some social media activities, did some finances and took control of things. 

This is because I am leaving the DeskAway HQ at 1:45pm. Enter Parkinsons Law:

Parkinson’s Law dictates that a task will swell in (perceived) importance and complexity in relation to the time allotted for its completion. It is the magic of the imminent deadline. If I give you 24 hours to complete a project, the time pressure forces you to focus on execution, and you have no choice but to do only the bare essentials.

Had I had the whole day to get things done I would probably use it up. If I know that I have 3 hours, I make sure I complete everything before I jet. 
It is not how much you work but how you work that is extremely important. I somehow work better when I have 1-2 things scheduled for the day. I buckle down, get things done and change gears.