3 things I love about Mailbox

The beta version of Mailbox for Mac was out today. Since I use Mailbox on iOS I was very excited to give this a try so that I can use the same mail client across all devices.

There are 3 things that I love about Mailbox:

  1. I can "Snooze to Desktop" when I am on iOS. What this means is that I can make an email disapear when on mobile and make it re-appear When I fire up Mailbox on the desktop. This feature is great if I need to remind myself to answer a long email when I am back on the Macbook.

  2. Mailbox is super fast. I can process my emails with lightening speed. So much better than the default Mail app.

  3. Mailbox has a minimalistic clean design. It just feels right. I felt the same about Gmail a few years back.