A Bubble? You can get funded or bought out too....

Daily, I am reminded of the early 2000 and I am pretty sure there is a bubble brewing (or even about to burst) in web-o-app-land. There is an app for everything just like when we had websites for animals and pets. I think this time with the ‘social networks’ it seems a bit more narcissistic.

Check this out…

Viral app threewords.me that lets you solicit three-word responses from your friends is making the rounds and probably even gonna get funded by some angel/VC. Read More

A splash-page startup (umm, that is an app with just 1 page) About.me gets aquired by AOL after financing an earlier round for $425,000. Read More

WTF (I am happy for them but are these real businesses?)

Maybe, I am completely wrong but my hunch tells me that when eyeball-startups-that-are-just-features get aquired or funded then there is something wierd happening. What do you’ll make of all this?