Being resourceful - thoughts on being a developer

There is much more to programmers than just knowing how to develop code. This skill can be acquired over time. Though, what should come naturally to the dude is problem solving and resourcefulness cause time in money. The faster he searches and finds a solution the faster you roll. 

Lets say we have a problem using a third-party php script that uploads to amazon s3. Here is how I would expect to find a solution in the fastest possible time:

See if there is a bug in the script. Is it reported

If no, lets understand why this is happening and head over to Google.

Using specific keywords lets do a search. The keywords (and the words he chooses) that he uses will determine the amount of time he takes to zero-in on a possible website offering a solution. 

If nothing new then head over to Stackoverflow

If nothing here then shoot out mails to your contacts, developer friends, techies, groups, communities about this problem. Copy the same email and send it to Amazon S3 support or their forums, support site.

If they have a chat facility then even bettter. Get a hold of someone and ask for help.

Put up a quick tweet - who knows, maybe one of your followers might have had the same problem. Ask to RT.

Search a bit more.

Feel uneasy until a solution is found.