Build niche apps

Recently read Jonathan Rochelle’s (the guy who sold his web spreadsheet company to Google in 2005) interview where one point jumped out really well. He was asked what business opportunities does he see for would-be software entrepreneurs?

Niche apps. Business software is going through a platform shift to the Web. As that happens, all prior software can be re-questioned. So there are opportunities for the guy who writes the application that helps a dentist’s office, the guy who writes the application that lets you run your hardware store, or helps a journalist be more effective. The biggest opportunity is in delivering the best software in those niche classes on this new Web platform. Web-based software is much less costly for buyers than traditional software and programmers can be so much more innovative, that it’s worthwhile for an entrepreneur to say, OK, let’s start from scratch.

Come to think of it this is so true. Developers need to focus and go specialized. Instead of building the next skype, chat, web conference (somehow these seem too general with big players) they should go deep and stay committed to a vertical. In the future we will see good software tie up with other good software to give the consumer the best of the breed solution for their business needs.