Consuming vs. Producing

2012 is going to be a year where we fight information overload. There are too many things floating around on the Web to consume - articles, blog posts, videos, tweets, pictures, slideshows, etc. I have decided that I am going to make ONE big change this coming year:

Drastically minimize the amount of stuff that I read online. 

I have realized:

1. Most of the stuff I read just gives me short term gratification.

2. It is easy to forget the contents of the article if it doesn’t relate to your short-term goals/projects. If I am not raising money then do I really need to read about “8 Myths on Fund Raising?”

3. Reading is NOT the same as working. Being on Twitter is a leisure activity rather than being productive. The question to ask is - “Am I doing this at the cost of being productive?”

4. Consuming information leads to procrastination. I have caught myself bribing myself to a half-hour of reading before I start actual work. oops!

5. A lot of articles are repeat articles. KISSMetrics recyle their tweets with similar articles “3 ways to do this…” or “5 SEO tricks…” that make you feel you need to know the all this stuff or else you won’t be able to increase visitors to your site. Bullshit.

I often think about the times before social networks became popular. I think we spent more time on our businesses doing productive things than get distracted by tips that will help you get a million signups for your SaaS business!

Too much of anything is detrimental. 

Ask yourself - are you consuming more than you are producing?