Gmail & SparrowMail

I have been using Sparrow Mail (on the Mac and iPhone) for quite a few months now. I love Sparrow’s UI. However, it does slow down a bit when you start adding more than a couple of email accounts.

Before Sparrow I was using Gmail. I switched to Sparrow on my desktop since I wanted all my emails under one umbrella. 

However, since I have started using the Pomodoro technique I have realized that I like doing my work without multitasking. I believe that multi-tasking is counter-productive. This means spending 10-15 minutes on personal email. Then doing something else. Later, spending 10-20 mins on work email etc. So, to adapt to this style of working I don’t want all my emails under one app - on my desktop as this is where I actually do quality work. 

So, last week I started switching back to Gmail as my preferred desktop email client. I access Gmail through the browser. Another reason why I love using Gmail is Rapportive and Boomerang. They just so fit in with the email experience.