How I explained Cloud Computing to the non-tech generation [Speaker]

A couple of days back, I was a guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town held at The Taj Mahal Palace. I was addressing a group of people who were mostly 40+ years of age and non-technical. My presentation (below) is on Cloud Computing for dummies, maybe, even simpler. I wanted to just touch upon the basics, give some examples and show them how the Cloud is going to change everything - work and life. The examples I chose were mostly day to day examples except for the Google Document slide - I don’t think any of them had every used Google Docs. 

With every great inflection point (i.e. Cloud Computing) comes skepticism. There were a few in the audience who were extremely doubtful of the success of the Cloud for businesses - especially related to data security (in fact, in my book I have a chapter devoted to SaaS Myths). I don’t blame them - afterall parting with something (in this case, data) that they believe they control is a huge deal. Ironically, they were comfortable with their money being in the bank and their stocks in the demat account. I believe that anything great is going to have it’s share of skeptics. Not a problem. 

In the meantime, check out the slides and the video I showed them after…