Intercom's new pricing. Is it fair for multi-user apps?

We are using Intercom and absolutely love it. I have blogged about them on the Brightpod blog. It is a super useful customer engagement and messaging tool if you are running a SaaS company. We signed up on their $50 a month plan (all inclusive) last year. This is grand-fathered till early 2014.

Recently, they unveiled their new pricing below. I am ok with everything (including the $$) except for the “active users” part highlighted in yellow.


The pricing seems fair if you are a single-user login app like Mailchimp, Pingdom, Newsblur, etc. But, what happens if you are a multi-user app? Think of a project collaboration software where each account can have unlimited users - team members, clients, freelancers etc.? With a multi-user system you can max out their $149 plan pretty quickly - 90 paying customers each having 30 users - that is 2700 active users every month. Or, 25 customers each having 100 users. Each of these users just has to login once a month to quality as an “active user”. 

They call it "simple, fair pricing". Really? Is it? Am I missing something here? Help.