iPad = redundant(MacBook Pro)

Since last Friday I am completely hooked onto the new ipad. It is phenomenal with the high resolution retina display. As I use it more and more I feel that my Macbook Pro is becoming redundant. These are all the things I do and can be easily accomplished on the iPad…

1. Reading - Safari, Reeder, Zite, Newstand Magazines, Pocket etc.
2. Email - sadly using the iOS Mail App.
3. Blogging - Tumblr’s web view looks pretty good on the iPad. I had an issue uploading images with their UI and hence created a Flickr account to push images via email and then embed them into my blog posts.
4. Personal Tasks - Wunderklist App (iPhone also)
5. Journaling - Day One App. (iPhone also)
6. Social Networking - Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweetbot, Quora
7. Business Docs - Google App for Docs
8. Video Calls - FaceTime or Skype
9. Productivity - Evernote, Dropbox
10. Feedback - Penultimate and Skitch for image editing.

Any takers for the MacBook Pro?