iPhone 5S & why people don't know what they want

Lets get this straight about Apple:

  • Will not compete on price.

  • Quality is more important than quantity.

  • An aspirational brand for the average users.

  • Values profits more than market share.

  • Fanatical focus on the experience. An iPhone is not just a phone. Think about it.

An iPhone will solve world crisis

I met up with my friend Manish the same evening and the first thing he told me was that “people were upset with the new iPhone launch cause they wanted the iPhone to solve the crisis in Syria.”.

So f***** true.

Or for that matter, make them breakfast in the morning.


People’s expectations with iPhones have gone a bit awry. I ask them -  ”what would you want to see with the new iPhone”. I often get blank stares. Cluelessness. Imagine if Apple had asked people if they wanted a phone with a glass surface, no keypad and just one button. Those same people would say “No, thank you”.

So, Steve was right. People don’t know what they want.


People don’t fully understand Apple’s philosophy and their quest for perfection. If you understand this you will come to appreciate what Apple puts out. Apple likes to iterate on their products instead of radical changes every year. They don’t play the feature game and instead try to perfect what they have. Why alter an award winning phone design and do something new? It doesn’t make sense. To them, the iPhone is a way life and not just a phone.

Wallstreet, are you listening? 

Innovation on iPhone 5S

Innovation is not only about design, cosmetic changes and looks. It is equally about improving things under the hood. To me one of the most important innovation was the iPhone 5 - it is no joke to take something and make it thinner and lighter.

With the iPhone 5S these following features are hard to pull off…

  • Touch ID security to scan your fingerprint and unlock your phone that is located on the sapphire glass crystal home button. This feature is not a gimmick and well thought out. Just count the number of times you access your phones.

  • A7, 64-bit processor that will provide impressive graphics capabilities, increased processing power & speed. Even if you don’t see changes now, this is a seed they have sown for future improvements.

  • Enhanced camera with improved flash, sensor, lens, auto image stabilisation and software that decides which photo to choose as the final image. Camera improvements is not always about megapixels.


iOS7 is amazing. I have been using it since it was in beta and I absolutely love it. It feels light, fast and the depth (with the translucency layers) gives you a great experience overall. The new flat design will slowly grow on you. I don’t think I can go back to the iOS6 design anymore. So will you.

I keep telling people - you get the best experience when one company controls, both, the software and the hardware. Look at what happened to Microsoft. And Andriod is the new Windows.

So, really think about what you want your phone to do. If it is to make you breakfast in the morning then maybe an iPhone is not worth it.