Onto iOS 7 Beta

Last evening I upgraded my iPhone 5 to the iOS 7 Beta. I couldn’t wait for the fall release and had to see what the new design felt like. 

Here are my first Impressions of iOS7 (in any order):

1. I spotted a handful of design and formatting issues. I am pretty sure they will be ironed out over the coming months. I knew I was getting into a beta release.

2. I hated the green pop color that is being used on the Phone and the Messages icon. Although, after using it for a day it kinda grows on you.

3. I bet my friend that the Reminder and Notes icons were designed by a college kid and NOT the Apple Marketing Department.

4. The new flat design slowly grows on you. After using it for a day I want all the other apps to switch to this new design. Their icons and design seem so clunky now.

5. Two features I love the most are the Notification and the Control Center. Brilliant. I always wanted a quick overview of my day without getting into the phone. 

6. The translucent layer effect is just too good (see pic above). Gives a feeling of depth.

7. I am wondering if the iCloud Keychain in Safari will replace 1Password.

8. Switching between apps is much faster and better.

9. During dinner a few apps updated themselves automatically. I guess they were hungry too. Time saver!

10. Safari looks cleaner and now there is more reading room and a tighter integration with Twitter (which I don’t really care).

11. I don’t see the Mail app being much different. Still don’t understand why!

App developers are going to have their work cut out in the coming months. This is quite a design overhaul. We’ll see who comes through and who doesn’t. This update will separate the active from the passive developers.

On that note, Sparrow, you flew to Google’s nest last year. Are you going to be updated?