My daily digital morning routine

By doing the same tasks daily I have unknowingly built a daily morning routine which helps me clear things out before I reach the office. I used to write in the morning but with a growing baby girl in the house I have switched to doing things that won’t be affected much if I am distracted. Writing is now moved to either in the afternoons or at night (once she is asleep).

  • Checking mail and responding to anything urgent or delegating work (so people are not held up and can start their daily chores)

  • Replying to any Twitter replies

  • Using TweetDeck to build new relationships with people asking about project collaboration/ management tools. I have 6-8 keywords (using Twitter Search) that I track. 

  • Using Reeder to quickly go through my RSS feeds. Most of my RSS feeds are keywords that I track using SocialMention, LinkedIn QA. Some of the blogs that I follow are Signal Vs. Noise, AVC, Smashing Magazine, KissMetrics,, Wildbit and Lessons Learned. I keep curating this list every month depending on if the blog is adding value to my life. Recently, I have observed that I am more interested in reading founder/individual blogs than company blogs.

  • Going through a few newsletters I subscribe to via email…InformationWeek, BusinessWeek, Sandhill and 

I am so used to following this routine that I just follow this process rather than asking myself (which creates mental debt) if I should do this or that. Makes me work faster. Do you guys have a morning routine? Would love to hear in the comments…