My iPhone timer is at 9:49 & I am productive

Hour Glass

Today, I started setting timers while working.

Joel from BufferApp had blogged about “The Exercise Habit” and mentioned the Pomodoro app. Then, I came across “30 minutes a day”. So, why not give this experiment a shot.

What worked…

  1. I could really focus during those 30 minutes cause I knew I wouldn’t do anything else.

  2. I did four 30 minute sessions and feel really productive already.

  3. Since I was doing only 1 thing (e.g. research) I told myself that I won’t get distracted by social media, articles etc. Time wasters can wait. I rather feel productive and be happy at the end of the day.

  4. Felt like a game. Who doesn’t like a challenge?

Occasionally, there was some spillover. The timer rang while I was composing this comprehensive email. I just gave myself little more time to finish that email (and no more emails - so, I had to even prioritize my emails before the 30 minutes).

Overall I feel that knowing what you want to do (you need to list a few things in the morning) and then setting aside dedicated time to accomplish these 3–4 tasks is just good discipline. I also set two slots to check and reply to email and a one 30 minute slot to read news, articles and unwind.

I believe multi-tasking is detrimental to productive. Today this technique proved right. Focus on just one thing and give it all your 100%.

My iPhone timer is at 9:49.