My weekly analytics Dashboards

I rarely log on to Google Analytics to check how this blog is doing. It would be good to know popular posts, monthly unique visits, bounce rate and time on site. Better, it would be great to have these emailed to me on a weekly basis so I can just check it off the iPhone. Since I use the new version of Google Analytics I came across custom Dashboards widgets that was released in early 2011.

From the Google Analytics Blog

Dashboards in the new version of Google Analytics have been redesigned to be completely widget-based and highly customizable. There are four types of widgets: Metric, Pie Chart, Timeline, and Table. This gives you the ability to choose the visualization that best suits the data you want in your dashboard. The Dashboard uses a three-column layout, and you can customize the layout by dragging and dropping the widgets as you’d like.

So, for this blog I quickly setup a “Snapshot Dashboard” with the most important KPI’s that I want to track.

Then I decided to follow the same method for DeskAway. I went ahead and setup the following Dashboards that email me every Monday. I have taken into account Goals (everytime someone signs up on DeskAway) for each of these Dashboards so I know whether organic is working better than PPC etc. I do have email notifications setup within the old Analytics account but this is far far better.

  • General Dashboard

  • SEO Dashboard

  • PPC Dashboard

  • Social Dashboard

  • Usability Dashboard

Here are a few sites that helped me setup Dashboards for all my sites…

Every startup must set these up today and get a pulse of what is happening on their site.