My work-style: Goodbye RSS. Welcome Twitter.

My RSS Reader (Google Reader) has been bugging me for quite some time now. I had subscribed to a lot of sites and realized that I just couldn’t keep up with everything. If I didn’t have to run a company, I could possibly sit at home and read all day/week. Plus, seeing the unread count on Reeder (an amazing iPhone and iPad app) would make me feel that this was one huge task that I had to complete. 

A week ago, I unsubscribed to all my RSS feeds and moved those to Twitter i.e. starting following those websites on Twitter (every tech/software/cloud/startup/VC blog has a Twitter presence now). Twitter has become my ultimate news/stories/article consumption tool. If I want to know whats happening in the world I turn to Twitter and my followers. I check this a couple of times a day. If I find something useful and don’t have time to read it I ‘Read Later’ on Instapaper (another cool tool). If I don’t check it I just let it pass and don’t sweat over it - it wasn’t meant my eyeball and if its popular many people will retweet it and I will see it again…

Try it - just follow relevant people, stories, brands - basically, things that you are interested in and keep pruning your followers. Twitter can be your ultimate information consumption buddy.