On the ET Now Starting Up Show with Mr. Vinod Dham

Today, Sudhir Syal from ET Now Starting Up had arranged an interesting meet with Mr. Vinod Dham (the father of the Pentium chip) and 6 Mumbai-based product entrepreneurs. Mr. Dham started off with the early days at Intel and then we went into a group discussion on the product space in India. We pitched in and it turned out to be a great, from the heart discussion. A few good points that were made:

1. Indian entrepreneurs are more risk averse than their Valley counterparts.
2. VC’s in India want to make a minimum of 2-5 million dollars investment. Angels make around 20-50 lacs. What happens when Indian entrepreneurs need around 1-2 crores? There might be a disconnect between VC’s who want to make $ investments and entrepreneurs who are spending in Rupees.
3. There have not been many success stories from India and hence people feel that working in a startup is risky. Maybe thats why they choose to work at a SWITCH - Satyam, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, HCL. 
4. Service companies or Product+Service is abundant here. Product innovation takes time and needs focus. 
5. Build a minimum viable product and ship it out soon.
6. Get people to test the product out early on - these could be friends, family and very early adopters. 
The meet was recorded and should be on TV/ Internet next week.
And look…Mr. Dham is holding my book, 'The SaaS Edge' that I presented to him…