Personal Task Manager - Back to RTM

I love trying out new personal task management apps to make my life easier. I have gone through a bunch of them over the last couple of years. I really don't mind trying them out as it gives me a feel of how each one is designed and the thought put behind their features. Subconciously, it probably helps me with Brightpod.

I have used to use Remember The Milk (RTM) but then gave it up for Wunderlist, Reminders, Clear, and Teux Deux.

I have come a full circle again.

There are 2 things I love about RTM:

  1. Powerful natural language engine. Think of RTM as Fantastical for task management. I can type in "Get the credit card statement printout today" and it will understand to have this task due today. They call it Smart Add. This is one main reason I came back to RTM. There should be zero friction and thinking when adding a task.

  2. Automatically show me what is due Today, Tomorrow and This Week. RTM's iOS app (both, on the iPhone and iPad) is just awesome.

The 2 things that I wish RTM would do:

  1. Update their web app. It's the same it was 2 years back.
  2. Design a natic Mac OSX app. I currently use Fluid App to turn the web app into a native app. The task manager is the very first thing I look at in the morning so it needs to be open at all times on my Mac Air 11.
  3. Let me drag and drop tasks in a list so I can prioritize for the day. Currently, I have to give each taks a priority which is a lot of work.

Wunderlist lacks basic features (especially the naturual language engine) and Clear is too simplistic. What came really close to RTM is and Teux Deux but RTM just feels right.

What do you'll look for in a personal task management?