Protect your sanity. Switch off push notifications for email.

I was amused by people complaining about not using Sparrow for iPhone because it does not support push notifications. BTW, Sparrow for iPhone is a fantastic app and its been about 10 days since I have fully converted to it. A class apart from the default mail app. Apple should buy Sparrow.

Back to push notifications…

  • it tells you when to check mail

  • it is distracting

  • it interrupts your work

  • it controls you (you should control yourself)

  • all in all, it is detrimental to productivity cause you keep obsessing over email than getting any work done‚Ķ

I switched off push notifications around last April and I have never felt better. The reason for the change was simple - I noticed that I was highly distracted with push notifications. Whenever I would log in to my iPhone to do something I would invariably find myself in the inbox. And then, I would forget why I logged into the phone in the first place. I was become reactive, unproductive and checking mail more than 20 times a day. Phew, technology is supposed to simplify out lives. Lets not become zombies.

I believe if something is urgent you WILL get a call or a message. Stop obsessing over email.

Here is a good writeup in HackerNews, Notifications are evil , that inspired me to write this post.