Push Email is Overrated

SILENCE by jopetsy.

I had noticed myself checking my email rather frequently and it wasn’t increasing my productivity. Instead, it made be distract away from the things I was working on or thinking about. I kept tell myself to “turn that damn push notifications off” and “if something earth-shattering were to happen I would get a call or a text message”.

This week I decided to ditch Mr. Push and reclaim my time.

It has been zen-like since then. I should have done this earlier. Not sure why we want to have an external stimuli distract us. I disabled push notifications on the iPhone as well as the iPad. I don’t get distracted everytime I start another app. I control the times I check and read my mail, not the other way around. I get more things done. I check my mail only 4-5 times a day and that is good enough. More than this would be ‘addiction’.

Now wish there was an app to limit the number of times I check my mail. If I exceed then it locks me out. Checkmail(te)!

Try this and see how you feel better. Trust me, you won’t feel like a slave to email. 

Do give a shout out in the comments if you already have push notifications off or are planning to do this experiment sooner than later.