Putting on my Video Production hat on

I like to try out new apps on Saturday mornings. So, last week I decided to create a Happy Holidays video for DeskAway on Animoto.com. I have a Plus Plan so I could choose some already created holiday themes. Next, I went through all the blog posts for 2011 on blog.deskaway.com (there were tons!) and picked out the ones that I wanted to feature into the video. Animoto is great as it lets you upload images, write text, move things around and even add a sound clip (they have a library of genres to choose from). Even video amateurs like me can produce stunning videos - and that is the whole beauty of working on the web. There is an app/solution for almost anything. Power to the small guys! No longer you need expensive software and equipment to get things done.

This video took me about an hour to produce.┬áCheck it out and let me know what you’ll think.