Random thoughts on business, remote working, productivity and being small.

I was having a conversation today with a friend and this person mentioned that “I need to build a big business with lots of people”. Earlier, this might be true. Today, with the Internet, a small team can build a very successful (profitable) business. Look at Wordpress, 37Signals, Craiglist etc.

In the afternoon I came back to DeskAway HQ and started jotting down some points that came to me (in random order):

1. Businesses are shrinking (in people) thanks to technology. What 3 people could do yesterday can be done by 1 today. 

2. Small teams are easy to manage and less complicated. Good people are hard to find so compromising on mediocrity is a no-no.
3. Productivity of the organization decreases when staff increases. I read an article this morning on HBR. The link is on my laptop and I am too lazy to boot it up and find it in the browser history. Sorry!
4. In the technology world, successful and profitable businesses have been built by 2-3 people. There is immense scalability when leveraging the Cloud and working remotely.
5. Concentrate on profitability rather than top line or headcount. No harm in being small with a high profit per employee.
6. Contrary to E-Myth, there is no harm in working ‘in’ and ‘on’ your business - you can do some coding or design and yet manage your thriving web business. If you love this type of setup then why settle to just stand by and delegate work. Sometimes there is this thrill to get down and dirty.
7. Things are moving fast in the technology world. Building a business for generations might not be the best option forward. Instead build, grow, spend, enjoy. Rinse and repeat.
8. If your business allows remote working then you should take advantage of it. Work for 6 months from another city or country. Don’t succumb to the 9-5 or “I need to get to the office” syndrome. Be free.
Bottom-line - not getting tied down to set norms. Being rebel-like is fulfilling in itself.