Reeder 2

Last week, after reading a few reviews about Reeder 2, I downloaded the app on my iPad and started playing around. I use Feedly for my feeds and I was curious as to how Reeder 2 stacks up against Feedly. In addition, Reeder 2 was iOS 7 ready.

Immediately, what I liked about Reeder 2 was its flexibly - support for RSS and Readability (a read later service like Instapaper or Pocket). This way, I could just use Reeder 2 for going through my feeds as well as read later articles. What a wonderful idea.

After a few days Reeder 2 just didn’t work well for me. I am used to Feedly’s swiping gesture to mark articles/page as read. It takes more time to go through my feeds on Reeder 2. Soon, “app fear” set-in and I seldom opened up Reeder 2. It just felt like a lot of work going through my feeds.

Back to Feedly now.

Do you’ll use Reeder 2, Feedly or any other RSS reader? What has your experience been so far?