Small world. Better apps.

I have been learning a lot by trying out and using other apps - their design, user experience, signup form details and the general look and feel when I am deep inside the app. It is a way of seeing what is out there and a chance to learn from others. Going through their blogs is also helpful as I get to learn about technical, scaling issues and their marketing speak. Sometimes I am amazed that the company is well funded or making around $35 million in revenue but still hanging on to a crappy UI. Other times I actually start using the app for my own use and become a part of their user base. 

All of this translates to better decision making for DeskAway - when you know what is out there you are always benchmarking yourself against the best as opposed to being in your comfort zone. Maybe, since the world has gotten smaller, everyone knows what everyone is doing and that just pushes everyone to do better.