Software should be like Zite

Last week, my friend Manish referred me Zite. He told me to go meet her once. I told him that I am currently with someone named Flipboard - she is extremely good looking and I love the way she turns. He still insisted that I go meet Zite atleast once.

By now you already know that I am talking about the two hot social magazines - Flipboard and Zite :)

Today, I am a convert. Zite is truly very intelligent and gets smarter as I spend more time with her. Love the way she just knows what I want. 


I have to say that Zite’s functionality and self-learning capabilities beats Flipboard hands-down. Flipboard might have a kick-ass UI but at the end of the day I want intelligence in software. Software should self-learn, know what I like and show me stuff that is relevant to me. I trust Zite to help me fight information overload.

Design is extremely important (Zite’s UI needs a bit of work but it doesn’t come in the way of consuming content) but what is more important is the intelligence built into the software. Knowing that it will get better over time (a good viral strategy too!).

Now, if I can let Flipboard know which articles interest me then it would be the best of both worlds - brains as well as beauty.