Survey: Cloud is not scary anymore

I was reading an interesting survey on Forbes titled “Cloud Computing Simply Isn’t That Scary Anymore” and thought I’d share the main points with you’ll. Bottom-line, the Cloud is here to stay and is going to be the way we do things.

  • A new survey of 785 companies finds a meager 3% considering it to be too risky — down from 11% last year.
  • Only 12% say the cloud platform is too immature, and that’s down from 26% a year ago.
  • 50% of the survey respondents now say they have “complete confidence” in the cloud — up from 13% a year ago.
  • 84% of all net new software will be SaaS-based
  • Majority of respondents agree that most mission-critical software categories are being or will soon be disrupted: CRM, e-commerce, business intelligence, mobile, office productivity tools, application development, and even ERP systems are bound for online delivery.

So, then what are the hurdles to Cloud adoption:

  • Security remains the primary inhibitor to adoption in the burgeoning cloud marketplace with 55% of respondents identifying it as a  concern.
  • The implications of regulatory compliance (38%) also loom large, as do concerns about vendor lock-in (32%). 

    Interestingly, pricing and expenses are way at bottom of the deal-breaker list.

Reasons to move to the cloud:

  • Scalability remains the top reason for adopting the cloud, with 57% of companies identifying it as the most important driver for cloud adoption.
  • Business agility ranked second among drivers for cloud adoption, cited by 54%.
  • Achieving heightened analytic processing of big data.
  • Faster time to market.
  • Better customer service and improved business process improvement, not to mention IT-focused goals such as more seamless integration, enhanced scalability, more iron-clad security and greater availability.

The perfect use case for cloud seems to be Analytics - as these tend to be compute-hungry applications.