Tech Lifestyle: Thoughts on switching to Pocket

While going through my Twitter feed on Wednesday night I came across a article on Read It Later rebranding itself as Pocket. Sounded interesting so I read through the article and decided to give Pocket a shot. I like the idea of having everything stored in one place. I currently used a combination of Instapaper, Twitter Favorites, Safari’s Reading List, and Gmail to store article/videos that I want to read later.

I opened up my Macbook and signed up for Pocket. I know Instapaper does something similar but what sold me was the user-interface: clean, colorful and fun to use (compared to the b&w UI of instapaper).

So, I gave it a shot… I bookmarked a few sites and youtube videos. What I really liked about Pocket is that it has a seperate section to organize videos and images - this makes Radbox pretty much redundant for me now.

I then downloaded the iPhone and iPad apps and synced them too. Their Safari bookmarket for iOS works beautifully.

In addition, I am going to use it as a bookmarking tool as well. Send articles to Pocket, add tags to it and then click on the tick to archive it (instead of deleting stuff I have already read).

Yesterday I found a super app for the Mac to go through my Pocket - Read Later.

I am going to use Pocket as my “store away for later consumption” tool. One app, less confusion. With so many apps that consumers are bombarded with (most of them being small features) I think we will be looking at consolidating and simplifying our lives by using fewer more powerful apps.