The story of a salesmen & the free trial

A few days ago I bought the Nokia Bluetooth Headset. I found this model to be simple, elegant and sleek. Unlike the other Bluetooth headsets this one is really comfortable and  sits firmly at the back of my neck. The last few days I have used it to listen to music and take calls - especially when I am with my daughter and don’t want to carry a phone around the house. Hands-free is the way to go with a child in the house. I’ll also try them when I go for a run.

So, what made me buy this?

It was the clever salesman and the trial process. I have inquired about this model a few times and every time the sales guys would tell me that it is packed and that I cannot try them out. This time the dude carefully slit opened the transparent circular Nokia sticker and showed me the headset. I paired it with my iPhone and even spoke on the phone to test it out. Everything worked well and the sale was done.

A small nudge was all that was needed to close the sale. 

There are 2 takeaways from this story….

1. Hire competent people who know how to close a sale and who give a shit about their job.

2. Give your customers a free trial. They will be more than likely to buy from you.

Now, back to listening to some music…