Thoughts on Mountain Lion

As you can see (from my social updates), I am a massive Apple fan. I have been using Mountain Lion for a couple of days now. The download took extremely long due to the slow broadband speeds in India. The install thereafter was a breeze. In 15–20 minutes, I was up and running. It is a good idea to copy the 4.5GB installer to a pen drive so you can update any other Macs that you may have.

Mountain Lion may look ordinary but is packed with a lot of power under the hood. That is what I like software to be.

My thoughts on Mountain Lion (in random order):

I wish everyone gets on iOS and onto iMessage. RIM is dying, and WhatsApp sucks. The new Messages app is stunning cause you can start a conversation on your phone and then continue it when you are on the Mac.

The Notification Center is beautifully designed. I like the way it slides. Although, I am not a notifications junkie and have little use for this. I don’t like things alerting me or controlling my attention all day long. I will check-into email and Twitter when I have to. Not the other way around.

iCloud is the magic glue and the present/ future of Apple. I love how Notes and Reminders effortlessly sync with iCloud. Goodbye all the other to-do and writing applications (except for Byword which has Markdown support).

The Preview app has a way for me to store all my PDF’s in the Cloud. This is a brilliant move although I would like a more Dropbox-like functionality to put all my documents. I seriously feel that Dropbox is in for some major trouble as Apple, Google and Microsoft integrates “files in the cloud”. Steve was right, Dropbox is just a feature. I would move all my files to Google Drive or iCloud, but since my wife and I share a Dropbox account it becomes a little complicated.

Getting a foothold in social is an extremely powerful and a smart move by Apple - baking Twitter and Facebook (coming this fall) into the OS. I agree with what Om pointed out:

But the new Mountain Lion OS X is a step in the right direction for what the operating system (OS) for the Internet Age should be. Up until a few years ago, the Internet was a feature on our desktops, accessed through the browser and used for finding information. Along came broadband, and we all suddenly realized the Internet could be used for a lot more than just looking up facts and figures.

Safari’s upgrade fantastic. I use an iMac and Air. Safari makes it extremely easy to see open tabs between these computers via iCloud Tabs. Safari is my default browser. Finally, goodbye Chrome & Firefox.

I don’t know what it is, but somehow the Mail app still doesn’t feel right. Although I like their VIP feature, but it just feels too sluggish. Those colored flags to mark your email are so outdated. I am also giving Postbox a try. However, after Sparrow’s acquisition I am wary of using too many third-party applications for common day to day functions.

The PowerNap feature is a smart one by Apple (requires a firmware update on the new Macbook AIRs), however, I have not seen it in action yet. Or maybe, I don’t need to see it in action.

Are you using Mountain Lion? If so, would love to hear what you like about it the most.