Experiment: Retargeting with PerfectAudience

For the last couple of months I have been trying PerfectAudience (PA) (a retargeting service) for Brightpod after reading about it on Okdork. This is the first time I am trying a retargeting service. Getting up and running was really easy. I ran 2 retargeting campaigns - web and Facebook. So, if you come to the Brightpod site and do not sign up then you got to see our awesome ads on the web and Facebook :)

Here is the analytics for the last 2 months.


I am not sure if a CTR of 0.122% is good.

50 conversions (people who signed up to Brightpod) out of 112 people coming to the site is pretty good.

The average cost per aquisition (aCPA) is $5.57. This is slightly higher than what I would like. I calculated the value for a signup (New MRR/last months signups) to be around $4.

The only issue I have with retargeting is attribution.

I don't know which of our customers (paid) in the last 2 months have actually come from seeing our ad in PA. Out of mentioned 50 conversions, 3 people came from clicking the ad and the rest 47 saw the ad before they came to Brightpod.com (they call these view-through conversions).

I keep wondering - did these ads have anything to do with them signing up?

I have paused my PA account this month to see if there is any difference in the signup and conversion process.

Do you have any thoughts on retargeting or should I do somethig differently?