Every once in a while (for me it is around 3-4 months) we need a break from the Internet and all things digital. When I am on a trip I normally check my mail at the most once a day and reply to the most important stuff. Last week I only checked mail 3 times and never felt better :) 

I usually don’t even go on Twitter or Facebook. Personally, I have realised that social networks are merely tools to spend free time. It is not work.  

I don’t even open my RSS feeds. I follow roughly 20 blogs. Who wants to read about startups on a vacation? Not me. 

Forget Techmeme, Flipboard, Pocket, Summly and Zite. 

Over the years I have realised that we tend to keep ourselves busy most of the time because there is just so much information around us. The feeling of “being left out” creeps in from time to time. Sometimes I catch myself confusing reading/tweeting for working. Dangerous!

The day after I am back is the best - I usually quickly clean out my inbox and get back to work rather slowly. Although, after a week this madness starts all over again. I keep asking myself if all of this “instant-gratification online activity” matters in the long run? Instead what if we channel this time to build our business, play sports or just hang with the family?