Where is the time to think?

I notice people tweeting all day (no, they are not using Buffer) - I wonder if they actually get any work done or if they are confusing tweeting to working. 

What do we do when we are waiting at the railway station, in the bus, at the doctors clinic or in between meetings? We whip out our smartphones and start checking Twitter, Facebook, Hacker News, Pinterest, RSS Feeds, Quora, Techmeme, <your favorite site/app> etc. Sometimes the confusion is in which of the above takes precedence for those precious 15 minutes that we have. 

You see, smartphones are making us knowledgeable (by the amount we are consuming) but taking away the idle time that we used to enjoy where we thought about things, plotted strategies for business or just starred into space and giving our mind/body the much needed break. 

Technology should make us feel free.