Why I moved from Posterous to Tumblr...

This blog was with posterous for 2 years now. They are a great publishing platform and the DeskAway blog is still hosted there. Over the weekend I was reading Joel’s blog (BufferApp founder) and started looking at all the stuff that he had on his blog - Social widgets, disqus comments, the slide etc. At first I thought he was on WP. I DM’ed him and he told me that he was on Tumblr. 

Ironically, this blog was initially hosted on Tumblr (sometime back in 2008), then moved to WP and then to Posterous. 

I checked out Tumblr once again and checked out what they had to offer. I read a few articles that compared Posterous with Tumblr. A few of the top reasons for this move are the following:

1. Javascript: Tumblr’s support for Javascript. This is huge since you can add cool widgets (latest tweet, social icons etc.) to your site.

2. Disqus: since Tumblr supports Javascript, adding the disqus commenting platform was a no-brainer.

3. Themes: Tumblr, by far has much much better themes than Posterous.

I spent a few hours choosing and editing my theme. BTW, Tumblr’s HTML editor rocks. Here is a picture while I was updating some styles:

I used Posterous’s autopost feature to move my blogs overs to Tumblr and then went through each blog post and updated the post date. Once everything was good to go I updated the A Record with my Registrar and waited for a day to have www.sahilparikh.com point to Tumblr.