Thoughts on WWDC 2014

For software fanatics like myself, WWDC 2014 was awesome. Below are my thoughts on WWDC 2014, what excites me and how it will change the way I work. For a list of all the feautres you can head over to

  1. OS X and iOS finally comes together. With this release, Apple is giving us a completely uniform experience when using the iPhone, iPad and Mac. It is not just about transfering data from one device to the other but its all about the "experience". Beautiful.

  2. The power of iCloud will really shine this Fall as its the glue that is going to bind all iDevices.

  3. SMS and phone calls on all my devices. How super is that!

  4. The new Spotlight Search will force me to remove Alfred - an app that I use to launch other apps on the desktop.

  5. I had wished for interactive notifications in iOS 7. My wish has been answered in iOS 8. You will now be able to answer notifications right from the notifications view and the lock screen.

  6. I will be experimenting with iCloud Drive for a while to see if it can replace Dropbox. I am secretly hoping it can.

  7. I am glad that Apple updated the iOS Mail app with a few more gestures like the Mailbox app. With Handoff and Image Editing (right from the inbox) I might switch to Apple Mail on all my devices.

  8. The new OS X (called Yosemite) design is awesome. Love the translucent panels and the flat design. It really grows on you.

  9. Airdrop works between devices. This is one useful feature. Often times I take a picture with the iPhone and then email it to myself so I can edit it on the Mac.

  10. Family Sharing is really helpful. I share calendar events and tasks with my wife and this is going to make the experience even smoother. Plus, this is a good business move - will help convert that one family member that uses Android ;)

  11. I am really eager to try out the smart keyboard on iOS 8.

  12. Lastly, HomeKit and HealthKit are going to be really interesting and hopefully I can try it out sooner than later (Apple healthband?). Eventually, we will be able to control every device via the phone so this is the right step in that direction.

  13. Integrate work, family and health into one expeience.

  14. All of this is ONLY possible because Apple is the only company with complete control over hardware and software. This is the only way they can control and enhance the overall user experience.

What are your thoughts on WWDC 2014? What did you like or dis-liked?