Status upgraded to “father” — my brief thoughts

On Nov 20, 2010 my wife and I had our first baby girl :-) Since then, I have been on cloud 9. Life has got a new meaning and form — and more responsiblity. I have never felt like this before. I worked a total of 4 hours last week at the DeskAway HQ and answered some queries from my phone. This week I am back to work full time and have noticed the following changes (for the better) in my work-life:

* I want to get the most important things done first

* I want to delegate as much as I can and work on things that matter

* Unnecessary strategizing is a waste of time. Lets get the things currently on our plate done and worry about other things at a later date

* You can only do one thing at one time

* Not everything ‘tweeted’ or ‘liked’ is important.

* Filter the shit out of shared links and reading material. I will only read stuff that matters. No more “How to” SEO articles. Cut the information overload

When faffing around is not an option I want to pack as much meaning to the limited numbers of hours I have in the day.

Parkinson’s Law is so true — Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.