On traveling and being offline

My wife and I are huge travel buffs (we usually try to take off every 4 months). Traveling is our passion — we catch ourselves planning a trip while we are on our current trip. It is just our way to make sure we lead a well-balanced, exciting life — especially since we live in one of the world’s busiest cities, Mumbai. After every few months, the city and the Internet (since I run a web biz) just gets to you.

We recently just got back from Dubai and I feel completely rejuvenated — though it was a bit hectic with our fourteen-months-old daughter (life revolves around her now :)) the rejuvenation I mention is basically being disconnected from the online world.

During my trip…

1. I didn’t get a local SIM with data.
2. Hence, I didn’t have data services while we were away from the hotel (mostly all day).
3. Checked my mail at the hotel twice — once in the morning and once late evening.
4. Pushed out a few twitter messages for things I was excited about e.g. Starbucks (sadly we don’t have one in India), Caribou Coffee or car spotting etc.
5. No Facebook. 
6. No tech reading. I have a fully loaded instapaper account but I just didn’t feel like diving into tech, web, social media etc.

I am back and feel completely fresh. Best of all, I don’t think I have missed a thing except (my friend Manish pointed out) for the recently over-the-top Apple results.

So, it seems that most of the time we are either wasting time either obsessively checking our mail, social networks or reading articles (and thinking it is work). Try to go semi-offline for a while — even during weekends. This therapy is something that is badly needed in today’s 24/7 connected world.