Procrastinate reading to save time

At the end of the week, I noticed that I had a lot of reading on my plate. During the week, I would favorite tweets, save articles to Instapaper, have a back log of blogs (less than 10) in my RSS reader, have articles sent by friends/biz contacts via email etc… Stuff piles up and you start to feel annoyed by all the stuff there is still to read. However, I realized that not everything is as interesting as it sounds. Plus, a lot of the articles seem useful when you save them (to read later) but don’t seem that important when you actually get to reading them.

The idea is to procrastinate :)

So, I have started a 2–4 day rule. Articles that I look at 2–4 days later seem less and less important to read than 0 day. I can skip them easily — without feeling guilty.

Try it and it see if this method helps you stay away from information overload and save time.