@Feedly is my app of the month for February

I have always had a love-hate relationship with my RSS feeds. My feeds always felt like a to-do list. I had to read them everyday and mark them as read. Imagine the feeling when you return from a vacation only to find 450 articles waiting for you. Yikes!

I tried hard to keep up with my feeds using Reeder until I heard about Feedly last month (after their integration with Buffer).

Ever since Feedly has come into my life I have been reading, skimming, sharing and experiencing awesome news every day.

I was skeptical to signup. What could be so different? A reader is a reader is a reader. After a few beers, I took the plunge to try out yet another app.

The Feedly experience made me feel I was reading a magazine. I can customise the view to my preference — list, magazine style etc. A long slide (across the screen) or a flip would automatically “mark as read” all the articles on the page. Basically, I was experience more awesome content within the same amount of time. Currently, this is important to me as I am building Brightpod and don’t have a lot of time to read through every freaking article that people share. A quick skim does the trick.

Feedly is like Flipboard but much, much better.

The interface is slick and lively. Personally, I like apps with colours — this is the same reason I prefer Pocket to Instapaper).

Feedly is integrated with Buffer, a service that I am addicted to.

Lastly, Feedly makes it easy for me to go through my feeds just for Today. Less noise. Just stuff that matters today.