Less Noise — Feeds, Twitter & Read Later


Every few months, I embark on a mission to reduce the digital noise that is been building up in my life:

1. Remove feeds that have not been updated for a while or the articles don’t add value to my life.

2. Unfollow or mute people on Twitter (using Tweetbot) that have not added or are going to add value to my life.

3. Expunge articles in Pocket that sound good (clever titles) but don’t have meat in them.

I excitedly have added new blogs to Feedly and even followed a bunch of people/brands since the last cleansing process. It is time for a ruthless cleanup — a ritual that makes me feel lighter and not to mention the time I reclaim. A simple rule is to be followed:

“If not added value in the last 3 months then remove, unfollow, mute or delete”

The value is directly linked to my current scope of work and focus — my goals, what I am working on and what I want to achieve in the next 6 months. For example, if I am not planning to raise money then I should not be reading about stuff that Fred Wilson blogs about. If my focus is business software and SaaS then it will be a waste of my time to follow people discussing consumer apps.

However, there are minor exceptions but I keep that to a minimum. About 20% of what I let in is stuff that does not relate to my work — it is refreshing to hear and read about things are are completely unrelated e.g. Travel, Productivity, Parenting, Science etc.

Bottomline — Be ruthless in filtering out crap and noise from your life.

Maybe, make it in sync with your next haircut appointment.