Saturday Golf

I started golf when I was 16 and played almost every week except when I had my board exams.

While at UNC Chapel Hill I tried to play once or twice a month my freshman year. In fact, I chose UNC because North & South Carolina have some of the most beautiful golf courses.

I moved back to India in early 2005 and picked up the game again and played till March 2009.

2009–2013 — No Golf. Don’t know what happened but I just didn’t go back to the course.

Finally, I played a round 3 weeks back and just loved it.

I have decided to get back in the game and play atleast 3–4 times a month. I used to play at 14–16 handicap and plan to bring this down to a single handicap by the end of the year.

Golf is a great stress buster, a lot of fun when playing with good friends, and a feeling of being “out of town”, especially, when you stay in a busy city.

Best of all, it teaches you self discipline, persistence, accountability, determination and patience.