A Fresh Start

Whenever I get a new device (Mac, iPad or iPhone) I don’t migrate data from the old device but I start from scratch. This is a way to re-think if I really need those apps that I have installed over the years. A clean install is a fresh start.


So, a few months back when I switched laptops, I had the opportunity to go through this exercise again. Here are some things that I changed and the apps that I must-have!

  • Did not setup mail accounts on the default Mail app. Gmail is a better alternative in my opinion - web-based, fast and does not cache emails on the Mac.

  • Did not install Bartender (tool to organise the menu bar). This forces me to have fewer apps on the menu bar.

  • Yoink - the best drag and drop tool I have come across for the Mac. Super helpful.

  • 1Password - the best password manager I have come across. Been using this for 7 years now!

  • Evernote - I am done exploring new notes apps. There are plenty and new ones come and old ones go. I have used Evernote for 8 years now and the switching costs are way too high for me. Most importantly, Evernote just works.

  • Unsplash Wallpapers - a neat app that updates your wallpaper everyday from Unsplash’s library - “From space pics taken by NASA, to bewitching urban streetscapes, to astounding shots of nature taken by high-flying drones—find mesmerizing wallpaper for your Mac in seconds”.

It feels good - doing away with the old and bringing in the new!