Recurring Tasks For Digital Marketers

“Success is the sum of small efforts — repeated day in and day out.” — Robert Collier

Recurring tasks are tasks that you create once, and then have it recreated automatically after a designated period of time.

After speaking to our customers I have realized that marketers use a ton of recurring tasks.

  • Analyze your Twitter feeds every day.
  • Make a payment to your freelancer on the 5th of every month.
  • Receive payments from all your clients on the 10th, 15th and 30th of every month.
  • Check on social media profiles for all clients every Friday.
  • Prepare Google Analytics reports every Monday
  • Prepare a content strategy at the start of every month.
  • Send an email newsletter every month.
  • Send a weekly report to your clients every Friday.
  • Send key metrics to clients every quarter.
  • Plan a company retreat every six months.

It’s also super simple to add a recurring task in Brightpod.

With recurring tasks, you can just enter a task saying, “Check Google Analytics everyday” and it’ll automatically add the task everyday after you’ve ticked it off your daily to-do list.

Just create a task followed by “every” and one of the following: day/ week/ weekday/ month/ year/ Monday/ Tuesday etc.


Setting up recurring tasks in Brightpod from Sahil Parikh on Vimeo.

So there you have it. Brightpod’s top features to help you and your team avoid repetition and automate the tasks you do often.

How happy was the Brightpod team last month?

Brightpod Love

February was a busy month for all of us here at Brightpod. Honestly, which month isn’t? We made many updates to Brightpod. We deploy code on a daily basis. We told ourselves that we are not going to be playing the feature game. What we are going to focus on is just one thing: whether people love using out software the way it is today. Another question we keep asking ourselves is — “Can we help improve the way people work and manage their digital marketing campaigns?”

Soon came in the reviews from top technology blogs. This put a smile on our face and gave a sense of achievement — it is always good to hear good things about your product from other people. After putting in so much work for 10 months we were hungry for feedback.

Stowe Boyd of GigaOm Pro, in his post Brightpod is a small and simple work media tool worth looking at mentioned…

“Brightpod is a new small and simple work media application that delivers minimum functionality with maximum simplicity. It could be a textbook example for the minimum viable product, in a clean and intuitive design.”

Abhimanyu Ghoshal of TheNextWeb, in his article Synage Software’s Brightpod, a collaboration app for digital marketers, readies for launch mentioned…

“Using Brightpod is dead simple and doesn’t need much time to get used to. It’s a great tool to cut down on all the confusion and clutter caused by long email chains while working with teams and clients on the same project. Plus, its neat and clean UI is a joy to use. I manage a handful of social media accounts for clients, and would love to be able to reroute all their correspondence through Brightpod to make things easier.”

Ashish Sinha of NextBigWhat, in his article BrightPod Brings a Bright Perspective to Task Management for Digital Marketers mentioned…

“Well, the answer lies in the very fact that most of the project management tools are designed for generic use-cases and configuring them to match your requirement is a tough task. What BrightPod brings to the table is a super simplified user experience — apart from the fact that the product is simple to use (even marketers can use it!) as opposed to others like Asana which are mostly meant for tech community.”


And then there was some love from people on Twitter…

March will be even bigger.

We’ll keep you updated via this blog and @brightpodapp on Twitter. Do get in touch with me ( if you would like to know how to bring some method to madness and grow your business.