Build it for yourself

An interesting observation came up while having dinner at a friend’s place last evening.

They had made Italian. The spaghetti came out on the dining table, and we plated up. I tasted it and found it pretty good — with the perfect hint of spice. But, my close friend preferred to have the spaghetti sauce a little bit chunkier. Someone else wanted it their way. My wife looks at me. This incident is the perfect case of ‘featuritis’ (coincidentally, just a couple of hours back I was telling her how difficult it is to please every Brightpod customer). Here, we were four of us (similar tastes, backgrounds, etc.) and couldn’t agree on the perfect spaghetti then how could we expect everyone (from more than 110 countries) signing up for Brightpod to be satisfied with what we have to offer them?

Pleasing everyone is impossible.

So don’t! Make the dish that you like and attract people who like what you like.

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” — Bill Cosby


I play a much better round of golf every time I spend approximately 20 minutes practicing. Practicing gets my body warmed up (especially the back which tends to get stiff in the mornings) and ignites muscle memory . I am struggling (for the first few holes) on the days I don’t practice and dash out to the 1st hole. We all know the important of practice but how do you practice at business? How do you warm up?

Do more deals?


You can’t practice at business. You are live. Every move matters. The more you do it the better you get. Your learn from failures. You fall and you get up.

Isn’t that what they call wisdom?