Thoughts on the lean startup and hiring

It is Sunday morning here in Mumbai and while it is still quiet I thought I’d jot down a few things that were on my mind.

Question: You know how a lean startup is born? 
 Answer: It’s when the team doesn’t work in silos.

Today, people who join your team need to be flexible to take on other tasks. A programmer should also test and retest their code. The marketing dude should know how to use an image editor. The founder should be equipped with whipping out a Screenflow video at any time of the day. Everyone should handle support queries and know what customers want (do they :)

Your job position only makes up 80% of your work.

Hire for agility. Hire for attitude, intelligence, smartness and character. Skills can be developed over time.

Share traffic to your site, number free/trial signups, conversions and churn with everyone in your team. Let them know the daily pulse of your business. You will be surprised that a programmer might have a solution for a marketing related problem.

Have something to contribute? Would love to hear your thoughts below.