Kicking $aaS

Thoughts on productivity, personal tech and entrepreneurship. I am currently scaling Brightpod - a software as a service (SaaS) project and workflow management software for marketing teams.

WhatsApp is eating productivity

Lately, I have been observing that WhatsApp and other messaging tools are sucking out productivity from the workplace. People work with their phones next to their keyboards and are constantly distracted. This is counter-intuitive to focused "deep work" - multi-tasking is very counter-productive and every time you switch tasks you lose mental energy (switching costs). Solution: keep your phones face...

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Global Worker? Get Onetime

Onetime is a truly well designed and unique world time app. Finally, a world clock that integrates all time zones into one easy-to-read dial. We are all living and working globally more and more, so we needed a way to simply see the time in cities around the world at a glance. That’s how Onetime was born. Built on...

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Interview Process

I have been interviewing people for a couple of positions at Brightpod: 1. full stack PHP developer 2. digital marketer. Most of the emails I get are from Brightpod's Job page - so, I find some dedicated time, sit back and go through each of them once or twice a week. I delete about 50% of these emails due to...

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Not Selling Responsibly

People are selling, selling and selling all day. Cold calls, emails, sms, WhatsApp, banner ads etc. It just never ends. It interrupts. Interruptions created by these selling tactics is distasteful. When you push, push and push your marketing message to me, I move further and further away. Instead, imagine the flip side. Actively looking for something and coming across one...

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Thoughts on iOS 9

I have been using iOS 9 since a week. These are the list of features/ improvements that I really like: Back to app link when redirecting from one app to another. Super useful and I wish they had added this a long time back. Interestingly, this is my top iOS 9 improvement. iCloud Drive as app on iOS. I was...

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